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An afternoon near the riverside

Yesterday I finished classes at noon, the weather was pretty good (still hot but windy) I didn’t really feel like coming back home so my friends and I decided to have lunch together. After hours of talking about makeup and graduation pictures (yes, the moment has come!) we decided it was time for each of us to go back home…we where saying good bye when all of the suden one of my friends mentioned that she was thinking to go to the riverside, which is very close from our school, when I heard that I asked her if I could join her and guess what, she was more than happy for us to go and spend a relaxing afternoon together.

As a blogger, I thought this was a great opportunity to shoot some pictures. I already got used to asking for people’s help when my boyfriend is not available so I asked her and she agreed. I feel so lucky I have friends who are always willing to help me. Thank you guys.

Here are the pictures, I hope you like them!

Thanks for reading,



WHAT I’M WEARING: Dress – Forever 21⎟ Shoes – YesWalker Online Shop⎟ Rings – H&M⎟ Necklace – Etsy⎟ Sunglasses – RayBan

I want to take a moment and give a big THANKS to my cousin Perla, she was the one helping me with the new design of my blog. At the beginning I felt so lost but she managed to help me and I’m very thankful with her for that. GRACIAS PECK!

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