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I'm back!

I know it has been a while since my last post, I want to apologise for that!

Today I want to share where I have been in the past few weeks. Well, after having my finals I was preparing myself for my next adventure; Organising my personal documents, shoes, outfits, traveling essentials, etc. And just to imagine that I was leaving for two months made me go crazy.

A few weeks later I was ready to come to Shanghai! 🙂

Since day one everything has been amazing, I am experiencing a new lifestyle, meeting new people from all over the world, overall I’m enjoying my summer vacation.

Honestly I missed blogging, I was trying to find somebody to help me take the pictures and finally I met someone interested in photography and I thought it was a good idea to work together.

Today we finally managed to do it so here are some pictures, I hope you like them!


In this outfit I went very casual, the heat here in Shanghai is crazy!  I’m wearing my favourite denim shorts, a blouse from UNIQLO and my black sandals from H&M.  For accessories I’m wearing my favourite watch from MK that I got as a gift from my boyfriend, my black sunglasses from Rayban and a black bag that I got in my last trip to Hong Kong.


I’ll see you in my next one 🙂


Feels good to be back!

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