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Personal Thoughts


Yes, I’m still alive!

Sorry for not posting lately but during the past two weeks I got so busy that didn’t have time to even take a minute for myself. Between work and other appointments we manage to finally shoot these pictures for you.

I have been thinking a lot about life lately and I don’t want to sound cheesy or whatever but to be honest I tend to reflect on what am I doing to become a better person. For me that is what life is all about, working towards a goal or a dream so in the end you grow to become a better version of yourself.


If you followed the blog for a while you’ll know that working out is a most in my daily routine, it gives me loads of energy and it’s a great way to finish my day. I feel that it’s my “me time” where I can release all that stress and energy I have left in my mind and body.

Another way for me to stay focused on what is important in life is reading. Lately I have been reading business related books just because I find them fascinating, plus you get to learn so many great things that you can easily apply in your life.

What about you? What are you up to?


What I’m wearing: Denim Jacket – Mango⎟ T-shirt – Bershka⎟ Jeggings – Boutique in Guatemala⎟ Shoes – Steve Madden

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