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Hello hello! I’m still alive!!!

Having my blog so quiet gets me crazy it’s hard to explain but if you think about it this blog is like a little baby that I have to take care, it takes time and effort to keep it alive. I know that’s not an excuse but I never thought things could get so busy, now that I have a job it is getting harder to take pictures and publish them but trust me I won’t stop posting! That’s for sure.

Talking about having a job, so far I am enjoying it. I’m learning lots of new things and of course practicing others. Now I understand why my mom used to fall asleep in the couch during the evenings, that’s me now! lol.  I am still getting used to my new schedule and my new routine, doing stuff I never thought I would do or doing stuff that I really love to do. Definitely every day is different which I think is very exciting!

For this post I want to share the outfit I wore yesterday. It is the most simple one but you know how I am, I like everything practical, simple and the most important thing COMFORTABLE! By now I guess you already know that I don’t wear hills AT ALL period.  Is just that I don’t feel myself when I’m wearing hills, I always like to joke around with people telling them that my feet were not made to wear hills and that’s why I always gravitate towards my tennis shoes. I LOVE THEM. VMCAs a side note, yesterday was a good day. I had breakfast with my boyfriend’s family, shoot some pictures for the blog and spent the afternoon with my boyfriend. I feel very blessed to have the love and support from my boyfriend’s family, I never talk about these things but to be honest I feel very fortunate and thankful to have amazing people around me.  VMC

What I’m wearing: Blouse – Bershka⎟ Jeans – Zara⎟ Flats: Kakiki⎟ Watch: Fossil⎟ Ring: H&M

Until my next one!



P.S. 1: Don’t forget to follow me on Snapchat @vaniamchang I am always updating you guys on what I’m doing so I hope you hear from you there!

P.S. 2: Happy independence day!

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