For today’s post instead of posting an outfit idea I decided to share an easy DIY project.

One of my latest obsession has been the transparent clutch! I’ve been wanted to get one for a long time but sadly the ones that I have found in the stores are not big enough or they are just not the way I wanted them to be like. So, I decided to make my own one. 🙂

This is an easy DIY project for a weekend, so I hope you can try it!

Materials to make your clutch:

  • Clear PVC plastic
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil / Marker
  • Paper
  • Whole puncher ( I didn’t have one so I use a Drill)
  • Cutter
  • Studs
  • Tape

Steps to make you clutch:

  1. Draw a guide on the paper that later will be used to cut the PVC plastic.
  2. Cut out the draw and paste it on the clear PVC plastic.
  3. Cut around that guide to create the base of your clutch. (Make sure the flaps are big enough to close the clutch).
  4. Now you can start folding it and you will see it is coming together.
  5. Use a market to mark where the studs are going to hold the flaps together.
  6. Then, use a whole puncher to make the holes that the studs will fit through.
  7. Lastly, put the studs to hold it all together and you are done!

I would love to see your clutch so send me some pictures with the hashtag #diyvmc on Instagram!