For this post, I want to share my top 3 mascaras.

For the first one I chose the Lancome Precious Cells. It really enhances the lashes, since its formula is not waterproof I like to wear it when I know I won’t be out that long but I still want to get my lashes done.

My second mascara is from Maybelline and its called the Rocket Volume Express, this is my favourite mascara and I love it so much that it is the third one I get in a row! I wear it everyday, it doesn’t smudge and it last perfectly throughout the day. This is the mascara that I always gravitate towards because it is perfection on your lashes plus its formula is waterproof; I usually apply two coats and I’m good to go. If you want a drugstore product and you want to make sure it will do its job GET THIS ONE!!! (trust me)

My third mascara is called They’re real from Benefit. Every time I wear this mascara I have to make sure I won’t be wearing my glasses because my lashes will become so long after applying it that they will touch my glasses and it gets uncomfortable after a while. That’s why I only wear this mascara for “special” events.

I hope you find this post helpful. I would love if you comment down bellow which mascara is your favourite one and why.

Have a great summer day! 🙂