Today I will share the second part of our amazing trip in Hong Kong. In case you missed part one you can click here to read it.

After all the craziness, we didn’t wake up as early as the previous days since we planned to have brunch at this restaurant that my mom found on Trip Advisor, the reviews where pretty good. It said that the restaurant had one Michelin Star and the people mentioned that the food was really good, plus prices where affordable. To be honest both of us where very excited, I mean it was real dim sum!!!

We were keen to get there; our hotel was pretty close to the restaurant so we walked and as we were walking we found this street that had several restaurants that served dim sum. My mouth started watering.

We got to the restaurant and there was a long queue already but that didn’t stop us. The doors opened at 11:00 am just like we read on Trip Advisor. People started to get in and my mom and I saw each other and said “Lets hope we still catch a table” since the place was really small. WE GOT IN! You won’t believe me but we where the last two persons to get in!!

As I was reading their menu I checked the prices and OMG it was really cheap! (Prices where between US$2 – US$3) A total bargain!  Here are some pictures of what we ordered:

After our brunch we walk around the streets and did some shopping and we called it a day.

The next morning we went sight seeing, Hong Kong is a place where you can find whatever you can think of. There is everything in every corner, period.