My time in Shanghai has come to an end and since I haven’t have time to walk around the city, I thought it was a good idea to spend my last weekend being a tourist and explore a little bit what the city has to offer.

I really feel like Shanghai has so many cool places that are very easy to get just by taking the metro or taking a taxi. If you walk a few blocks you can bump into so many things: a guy wearing his pyjamas, a cute baby that looks like buddha (or mini buddha like I like to call them), exotic food, weird smells, amazing buildings, a group of foreigners, dogs wearing shoes (yep, they wear small size shoes), couples taking pictures, a girl taking a selfie (they love taking selfies!), a group of ladies dancing and singing in the park, girls (and boys) with an incredible sense of style and many many other interesting/funny things.

I believe that living in China, especially living as a local, is such a unique experience…I would dare to say it is a life changing experience! Once you come to China, you won’t be the same any more. The culture, the food, the traditions, the people…everything is so different!

For me this adventure has been amazing, I have learned a lot, I met a lot of people from all over the world with different backgrounds and different cultures who at the end of the day they had become my family…of course I will miss them! But what I will miss the most are the beautiful buildings that I have felt in love with, running in the nights, walking in the rain and of course the view from my bedroom. Once again I can say…I survived China! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post, just like I enjoyed my time here in Shanghai.