Last week I met with one of my best friend here in Taiwan. I am the kind of person who likes to try new restaurants every now and then, I made some googling and found this restaurant; Because both of us` are vegetarians we didn’t think it twice and decided to eat there. It is always nice to try new restaurants with your closest friends, it is also a nice excuse to get together and catch up.

The restaurant is called Ooh Cha Cha and their menu includes raw vegan dishes, raw desserts, organic kind bowls, sandwiches and delicious smoothies! We ordered the Italian Chickpea Sandwich, the Organic Micro (biotic) Bowl and two smoothies, Tropical Bliss and Fruity Punch. We shared our dish so we can try both, who else like to do that? Everything was delicious and what I liked the most was that it tasted FRESH! We both where amazed of the flavour and the great service of their english speaking staff.

Aside from having an incredible menu, we noticed they sell different beauty products which of course I got very interested. They are made with natural ingredients so they are 100% organic!

If you are interested in this small yet very cozy restaurant you can get there by metro, it is located a couple blocks near 古亭站 Guting station (exit #2), here is the address.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend so far.