In the summer the only thing that I can think of is I want to stay fresh all day“. I love wearing dresses and when the summer hits the island its time for me to take out those dresses from my suitcase. (Yep, that’s right I said suitcase. When you live abroad you don’t have the same space as when you live back home so each season I have to put back the clothes that I won’t be using anymore and take out the ones that I will be using).  😛

In this post I want to share the dress that does the job perfectly in the Summer.  I don’t know what it is but every time I wear it, it makes me feel happy and of course FRESH! 🙂

Do you have your summer dress ready? If not, I recommend you to get one that is made of cotton.  Here are three reasons why you should wear cotton in the summer:

  1. Cotton allows better air circulation, which helps in absorbing your sweat. Therefore it keeps your body dry and cool.
  2. Cotton is light in weight and in color unless it is dyed. Being light-coloured will help the light to pass through instead of tight fitting clothes.
  3. Cotton helps in bringing down the severity of any allergic reaction and is perfect for those who have sensitive skin. Synthetic fabrics on the other hand cause rashes, skin allergies and body odor as they tend to trap moisture.

So when the summer approaches, make sure you bring out all your cotton clothes, and get ready to embrace the heat.

Have a great day!