From the 6th until the 8th of November I had the amazing opportunity to attend to the Taipei IN Style 2014 [臺北魅力展] the event was held in the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park [松山文創園區], and let me tell you I was so so so happy and excited! I got the chance to go with one of my blogger friends here in Taipei responsible for the blog Taipei Street Style.

Aside from the different fashion shows that where scheduled during these four days, they prepared some kind of exposition next to the place where the fashion shows where being presented; the purpose of this exposition was to offer a space where the brands and designers that where participating in this event had their own booth so they could display each piece of their collection to the audience, of course I had to take a look! I found beautiful pieces and also interesting decorations. Bellow you will find some pictures so don’t worry you’ll know what I mean.

Each day a different designer and brand presented their unique collection and new pieces ready to be released next year (2015). I saw spring/summer – fall/winter collections, wedding gowns, footwear, Hong Kong Style, Shanghai Style, Taiwanese Style and others.

At the moment when the first fashion show started, I was super excited and it hit me! I wanted to save that special moment and share it with you guys so I recorded some videos and today I am so happy I can finally show them to you. So here is a little surprise for you guys! I edit them and put them all together so hopefully you can take a look of what these four days where for me.

This experience made me realized how much I love Fashion. It got me inspired for future posts for this blog and new projects I’m willing to pursue, it opened my eyes and I feel so lucky and happy I had this unforgettable experience. But the most important thing, I learned that limits are meant to be broken and that we just have to experiment and trust our guts.

Have a great day.