Today I want to share a special project that I have been working on for the past months. It is something that makes me feel very happy and proud, I can’t believe how my blog started as a small project and now it has grown so much. Thank you for all your comments and support!

Ok, I’ll stop being cheesy…let me tell you more!

In August I had the chance to exchange a couple emails with Andrés Herrera-Feligreras, editor of Yuanfang Magazine. This magazine is a project where people from different nationalities and backgrounds get together, collaborate and contribute in different areas. Together they create amazing content available to all Taiwanese people and the rest of the world who are interested in reading different topics and want to practice their Spanish skills.

Finally today I can announce that I have teamed up with them as an official contributor on their Vogue Guru section. I am so thankful and excited for this opportunity and new adventure that is just starting.

You can check out my article here: Yuanfang Magazine (it is written in Spanish though but you can check out the rest of the pictures) Go show it some love 🙂

Again, VMC could not be the same without your support. THANK YOU!!!

Till my next one.